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A Himalayan state, with villages tucked on the vertical slopes of high ridges. Life here is quiet and undisturbed, the mountains and forests are caressed by the Teesta and Rungit rivers the people have soft feet and quiet voices. Sikkim boasts of several hundred different kinds of orchides and is frequently referred to as a “botanists paradise”. The economy is agrarian. The state offers both advanced and easy trekking trails leading to the foot of Mt. Kanchenjunga, and while water rafting down the rivers. 

Capital :


Airport :


Population :


Area :

7,096 sq kms

Languages : Nepali, Lepcha, Buita Hindi, English
Weather :

Best time to visit is between April to June






                   Handicrafts, Trekking, Palaces, Tibetan  Research Institute,Orchid     sanctuary, Deer Park,   Dodrul Chrten.Monasteries, Botanical gardens.  
                   Waterfalls, Yak Country, Scenic beauty  
                    Mini lakes, Scenic Beauty, Traning base for Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, Historic Town, Brewery.