General Manager
Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd.
Office of the General Manager Telecom
Telecom District - Jhunjhunu-333001



 Jhunjhunu SSA was formed in April 1995, It has made very good achievement in rendering Telecom services to the subscribers. Jhunjhunu SSA is first in Rajasthan in:-
1. Covering all the villages by VPT (1998-99).
2. Providing STD facility to all the Exchanges (1997-98)
3. Providing reliable media to all the Exchange (2001-2002)
4. Provide single STD Code (159) for the whole district.

Services Available:

1. Mobile services
are available in Jhunjhunu.
2. ISDN: ISDN services are available in Jhunjhunu city exchange.
3. In services: Intelligent Net Work services are available in   Jhunjhunu and Chirawa, Khetri and Udaipurwati SDCAs.    Any body these areas can make local/STD/ISD calls from   any telephone with the help of "India Telephone Cards."

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