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Dungarpur is a small city situated in 23°51’N and 73°43’E about 105 km south of Udaipur city by road. Dungarpur was formerly the capital of the erstwhile Dungarpur state. It is now the headquarter of the district and is famous for its temples and palaces. It is a beautiful town surrounded by hills and situated about 1403 feet above the sea level.

          In the chapter on History has been given an account of how the town was founded and came to be called Dungarpur. Dungarpur means a hill or a mountain and pur means a town, thus Dungarpur means a ‘hill-town’. Rawal Veer Singh Dev took over this part of the state from the Bhil chieftain Dungaria and laid the foundation of the city as well as the old palace on October 14, 1282 A.D.

          Dungarpur is famous for its unique style of architecture. The palaces of the Dungarpur princes and the residences of the noblemen are adomed by a new style of jharokhas, which was developed during Maha Rawal Shiv Singh;s regin (A.D. 1730-1785). The gold and silversmiths of Dungarpur and Banswara are well known for their lacquer painted toys and picture framing.


Population         :


Altitude : 486 mts.
Best season :

October to February

Languages :

Hindi, English, Rajasthani, Urdu.

Access :

Jaipur 533km., Udaipur 110 km., Ahemdabad 175 km.    


  • Udai Bilas Palaces

  • Juna Mahal

  • Gaib Sagar Lake


  • Banswara (60 km.)

  • Deo Somnath (24 km.)

  • Galiyakot (58 km.)

  • Baroda (41 km.)

  •  Bhuvaneshwar (9 km.)

  •  Poonjpur (37 km.)

How to reach : 

Air              :        Nearest airport is in Udaipur (120 km.) and

                             Ahemdabad Airport is Just 175 kms. away.

Rail            :        It is connected to Udaipur and Ahemdabad

                             The Railway Station is 3 km. from the city.

Road          :        National Highway No.8 which runs between Delhi and Mumbai passes through the district for a total distance of 31 kms. The Highway passes through the district viz. Sirohi Railway station.