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The word Jhalawar literally means “Land of the Jhalas”, this being the name of the ruling clan of the former state. The named is of comparatively recent origin as the principality was carved out of the state of Kota less than a century and a half ago.

Historically, Jhalawar has much in common with Jhalrapatan. Originally referred to merely as the chhaoni, the original camping ground of Zalim Singh was about a mile to the east of the present town. In 1838, the first ruler, Madan Singh, established his headquarters here, but in 1872-73, when lieut. Holdich prepared a plan of the cantonments, the inhabited site was little more than a collection of mud huts round the fort palaces built by Madan Singh.

Remarkable contributions from various rulers including Zalim Singh made it a culturally rich state. Lying in the south eastern region of Rajasthan at the edge of the Malwa plateau, Jhalawar has rocky but water laden verdant landscape, unlike much of Rajasthan, with some exquisite prehistroric cave painting,

massive forts, thickly wooded foresta and exotic wildlife variety, Jhalawar boasts of rich historic as well as natural wealth. One can spot countless species of birds as one drives past the lush countryside. Red poppy fields and orange laden orchards make the countryside all the more fascinating and colorful during winters. Theaera arround Bhawani Mandi is Known for contributing a major share to the production of citrus fruits in the country.

Population         :


Altitude :

469 mts.

Best season : October to March
Languages :

Hindi, English, Rajasthani, Urdu.

Access :

Jaipur 323 km., Kota 80 km       


  • Jhalawar Fort

  • Government Museum

  • Bhawani Natya Shala


  •  Rain Basera (6 km )

  • Jhalarapatan (6 km)

  •  Sun Temple

  • Chandrabhaga Temple

  • Gagron Fort (12 km)

  • Dalhanpur (54 km)

  • Budhist Caves and Stups

  • Fort of Gangdhar

  • Atishay Jain Temple, Chandkheri (35 km)

  • Bhimsagar

  • Dag (100 km)

  •  Kakuni (65 km)

  • Fort of Manohar Thana