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Kota is situated on the eastern bank of the Chambal river. Kota is believed to have been founded by Jait Singh, the Grand son of Rao Deva, the chief of Bundi, by attacking and outsting some Bhils of the Koteah clan from the place, east to Chambal, which he christined as kotah (kota). Accroding to another view, Jait Singh captured Akelgarh in 1264 A.D. and occupied Kota, which was there after used as a purgana attached to the Jagir of Bundi. His descendants held it and the surrounding country for about five generations before being dispossessed by Rao Surajmal of Bundi in sixteenth century. It was held by Bundi till 1625, when the state came into existence, after the Mughal emperor Jhangir granted Kota along with its 360 townships to Madho Singh, who became its chief.

           Kota an amazing juxtaposition of the majestic medieval age and modern industrialisation. While its untouched wealth of impreseral forts, opulent places and splendid temples dating back over several centuries retain the past glory, the present day edifices and heavy industries have made it the industrial city of Rajasthan.


Population         :

704,731 (2001)

Altitude : 251.1 mts 
Best season :

October to February

Languages :

Hindi, English, Rajasthani, Urdu.

Access : Jaipur 261 km., Bundi 35km.      


  • CityPalace & Fort

  •  Maharao Madho Singh Museum

  • The Government Museum

  •  Jal Mandir

  • Chamal Garden

  • Haveli of Devtaji

  • Kota Barrage


  • Baroli (48 km)

  •  Bhanddeora Temple

  •  Nahargarh Fort

  •  Sitabari (120 km)

  •  Shergarh (125 km)

  • Fort of Shahbad and Mosque (160 km)

  •  Darrah Wildlife Sanctuary (50 km)

  • Rock Paintings of Alaniya (25 km)

How to reach : 

Air                       :        Kota is connected by air Jaipur 245 km is the other convenient airport.

Rail                :        Lying on the Delhi-Mumbai rout, Kota is well served by regular super fast
                                       rail service.

Road                   :        Good network of road connections link with many important cities inside and outside the state. Some notable distance are Udaipur 270km.,Bundi 40km., Delhi 504 km., Ahemdabad 522 km.

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